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The Jaguar

Environmental Creations presents

The Jaguar

This is an incredibly detailed jaguar sculpture!

Dos Cabezas Mountains in Arizona  - Wildlife officials say they have evidence of a rare jaguar sighting in the United States, giving conservationists hope that the endangered cat is re-establishing itself here.Many decades ago, the jaguar roamed here in the United States. But, they had migrated down into Mexico and South America. Their numbers had dwindled into almost extinction. But conservationists think the latest sighting is evidence that the jaguar is returning to the U.S. after decades away! They are making a comeback in numbers as well as location!  What it means is that this majestic animal is trying to return to its homelands in the United States. There is habitat in the United States for this animal, for this beautiful cat, said Bryan Bird, the southwest program director for Defenders of Wildlife. Arizona, New Mexico and other parts of the southwestern U.S. were home to jaguars before habitat loss and predator control programs aimed at protecting livestock eliminated them over the last 150 years.

Size: 22" long x 18" tall x 16" wide

Edition size: 90

call now and place your order for the lowest number of the edition; and your choice of number!   (800)695-4388

Price: $17,200.00


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