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The Lion

Environmental Creations presents

The Lion

Material: Bronze

Size: 17" long x 12" tall x 9" wide

Edition size: 90

The King of the Jungle. Male lions are distinguishable for their impressive manes, which signifies their masculinity and reflects their health. The darker and thicker the mane, the healthier the lion. It allows the lions to appear stronger and frightening to warn off enemies, and appeals to lionesses that are scientifically proven to mate more with lions with thick and dark manes.
The exquisite attention to detail is obvious in this elegant sculpture! Probably one of the most detailed lion sculptures in existence. The color patina is so lifelike you expect the lion to start moving right across the table! Here is your chance to own this wonderful sculpture!

call now and place your order for the lowest number of the edition; and your choice of number!   (800)695-4388

Price: $10,000.00



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